Songs with poetic devices

Choose a song that has at least three poetic devices. List three of them and explain what each is doing in the song – creating a mood like melancholy, sadness, nostalgia, anger, frustration etc. Be specific with your explanation.


48 responses

  1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World- Israel Kamakawiow.

    Mood if the Poem is joyful and full.
    1. Where trouble melts like lemon drops- metaphor/ personification. Creates a joyful mood- a world with know evil.
    2. Blue birds fly- Alliteration. “B” sounds is short and and sounds happy. Contributing to the joyful mood.
    3. Wonderful world- Assonance. ‘o’ wholesome and full sound, once again contributing to the joyful and full mood.

    Lyrics from

  2. Song Choice: “Red” by Taylor Swift.
    “Red” by Taylor Swift includes many poetic devices. Three examples of poetic devices used are simile, rhyrme and repitition. In the line “Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street”, a simile is used, as it is likening two things to eachother. Similes are used in this song to help express the singers feelings about her situation. Another poetic device used is rhyme. An example of this is when she states, “Losing him was blue like I’d never known, Missing him was dark grey all alone”. The use of rhyme helps to create rhythm. Lastly, repition is used to emphasise the main point of the song, as demonstrated in the last two lines of the chorus; “But loving him was red, Loving him was red”. Overall, the Poetic devices used help create a reminiscing atmoshphere, as Taylor Swift is remembering about one of her ex-lovers.

  3. Song Choice: “Hotel California” by The Eagles
    The three poetic devices mentioned below are: Repetition, Assonance and Alliteration.

    Repetition is featured in the chorus with the reoccurrence of the word “lovely”. This repetition is significant because it emphasizes the beauty and comfort of the hotel. Assonance also ties into this feeling of comfort as the repetition of the long ‘o’ and ‘a’ sounds in the word lovely and throughout the chorus creates a similar atmosphere. In contrast, alliteration of the‘d’ in the first line, “dark desert” draws the reader’s attention to harsh sounds, making the desert seem inhospitable and the hotel far more desirable.

  4. Song: ‘Autumn leaves’ by Ed Sheeran
    – “Another day another life
    Passes by just like mine
    It’s not complicated ”
    ~Life & mine rhyme.
    ~ Like & mine have the same vowel sound (assonance)
    ~ Enjambment after ‘another life passes by’
    ~’It’s not complicated’ is later repeated a few more times throughout the song
    – “Another mind
    Another soul
    Another body to grow old
    It’s not complicated ”
    ~’Another’ is being repeated 3 times
    ~ Soul & old rhyme.
    ~ Grow & old have the same vowel sound (assonance)
    ~ It’s not complicated has been repeated
    – ” Another life that’s gone to waste
    Another light lost from your face
    It’s complicated ”
    ~ ‘Another’ is being repeated again
    ~ ‘Light lost’ alliteration
    ~ Waste & face rhyme
    – “My symphony played the song that carried you out”
    ~ Instead of saying “my symphony played the song when you were buried/ died” he made it sound much nicer and more gentle (Euphemism)
    – ” How I miss you
    I miss you and I wish you’d stay”
    ~ ‘I miss you’ is being repeated.

    I think this song describes the feeling we have when a loved one isn’t around due to death or break up etc. It is described in such a way that is perceived as common to everyone (the recurring us of ‘another’, telling the listeners they are not alone and they are not the only ones.) The telling of common emotions can also apply to other feelings such as depression. The lyrics talk about life passing us by and wasting time on love that never works out which is quite depressing. Also, the lines about birds still singing and stars still shining can be seen to be describing nostalgia; when we are young everything seems as it is set in place for you us and that everything will go well but once you get older the realities of life kick in and you become overwhelmed with all the stresses of life.

  5. Boulevard of Broken Dreams- By Green Day
    1. ‘When the city sleeps’ – personification, creates somber mood and helps conduct the image of a silent, still, dark city.
    2. ‘Boulevard of Broken’ – alliteration, the ‘b’s have a punchy sound which creates the impact that the author is trying to communicate.
    3. ‘The only one that I have ever know, But it’s home to me and I walk alone’- rhyme, this helps create rhythm

  6. Waka Waka- Shakira

    1. Rhyme: Rhyme has been used to create a beat and rhythm to the song when read. An example includes: ‘Their expectations’ and ‘Your hesitations’.

    2. Repetition: repetition has been included, to also add to the beat of the song. It also emphasis the meaning of the words the song writer has repeated. An example: ‘When you fall get up’ and ‘And if you fall get up’, Shakira has here repeated these lines, to emphasis the fact that you must never give up.

    3. Sibilance has been used to create a type of sound that suits the melody playing in the background. E.g. ‘You know it’s serious’ ‘We’re getting closer’, where ‘it’s’, ‘serious’ and ‘closer’ make the sound together.

  7. How Far We’ve Come – Matchbox 20

    1. Rhyme – The rhyme in this song helps create a rhythm.
    ex. The cars are moving like a half a mile an hour and I
    Started staring at the passengers and waving goodbye
    Can you tell me what was ever really special about me all this time?

    • 2. Assonance – The assonance in this song helps create a feeling of sadness and dreariness. It also adds a bit of speed to the tempo of the song.
      ex. The cars are moving like A hAlf A mile An hour and I

      3. Repetition – The repetition in this song also helps to create a feeling of sadness as well as slowing down the tempo of the song instead of speeding it up.
      ex. It’s gone, gone, baby, it’s all gone
      Well, it was cool, cool, it was just all cool

  8. Mean- Taylor Swift

    1. ‘switching sides, And your wildfire lies’ Sibilance, emphasises the angryness the singer is trying to portray as the words can be hissed in an evilish sounding way

    2. ‘your words like knives’ Simile, similies are used throughout the poem to emphasise the harshness of the ex, by comparing him to scary hurtful things.

    3. Rhyme is used throughout the poem to link the lines and ideas stated on each line together, this is also helped bu the use of enjabment.

  9. Diamonds- Rihanna
    1. “Shine bright like a diamond” is a similie which Rihanna is using to desribe the brightness of something.
    2. The line “I saw the life inside your eyes” demonstrates the technique of assonance with the “i” sound. This adds an upbeat rhythm to the song because of the short and sharp “i” sound.
    3. Rihanna repeats the line “Shine bright like a diamond” many times throughout the song. This makes the song get stuck into people’s heads, causing them to listen to the song more and buy it.

  10. Scream- High School Musical

    1. Rhyme- it is used so that you relate the line above with the next line and to put in rhythm
    e.g: I’m kickin’ down the walls, I gotta make ’em fall, Just break through them all

    2. Repetition- is used to get the message across
    e.g: they’re pushin’, pushin’, they’re pushin’

    3. Onomatopoeia- so that the reader/listener imagines it actually happening
    e.g: I’m punchin’, crashin’

  11. Hall of fame- Script
    The song “Hall of Fame” by The Script displays the underlying meaning of never giving up and to have pride in your self. This is accomplished through the use of many poetic devices such as metaphorical, rhyme and repetition. Metaphors are used in the opening stanza of the song with the words: You can be the King Kong banging on your chest, emphasising the power and strength that you can have but it may be unnecessary in the long term. The use of hyperbole “move a mountain” exaggerates the ability you can have if you just try. The repetition is used fro to make the audience reflect on the actual lyrics and what they mean in the song. After describing the poetic devices used and their purpose I have come to the realisation that maybe the term “Hall of Fame” is metaphorical and it actually stands for the impact that you can leave in someone’s life.

  12. ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson

    o “As horror looks you right between the eyes”
    o This line is a metaphor emphasizing the fearful and dark mood
    o Horror itself cannot ‘look at you’ however can impact ones feelings and actions. This line describes the feeling of fear. As if ‘horror’ was staring at you.
    o “You see a sight that almost stops your heart”
    o This line demonstrates sibilance, enhancing the shadowy, chilling nature of the song
    o The repetition of the ‘s’ sound in ‘see’, ‘sight’ and ‘stops’ is very effective in creating eerie imagery.
    o “Something evil’s lurkin’in the dark”
    o “The short, cut-off words create suddenness and add to the already intense nature of the song
    o And no one’s gonna save you”
    o The shortened words create suspense and form shadowy images

    o “You hear a creature creepin’ up behind”
    o “You try to scream
    But terror takes the sound”
    o The repetition of the ‘c’ and ‘t’ sound is hard and short to heighten the frightful and intimidating mood
    o The repeating ‘t’ and ‘c’ sound resemble the sound of chattering teeth, intensifying the suspense

  13. Firework – Katy Perry
    1. Metaphor and Personification: “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag” – the first line creates a somber mood, already likening a human to an empty object and “Baby, you’re a firework” – creating a positive mood to counteract the first verse and likening a human to something bright and explosive
    2. Repetition: “You’re gonna leave them all in awe, awe, awe” – this is used to create a positive feeling in the chorus
    3. Rhyme: “You don’t have to feel like a waste of space/You’re original, cannot be replaced” – creates an uplifting mood and makes the point of the whole song

    • I changed my song to Empty Garden (Hey, hey Johnny) by Elton John.
      This song is a tribute to John Lennon and the title is from when Elton John and John Lennon played together in Madison Square Garden which is one of the most famous musical performance theatres.
      1. Metaphor: the whole song is a metaphor because it’s about John Lennon’s death and how the musical world is empty without him.
      2. Repetition: At the end of the song, the line “Hey Johnny, can’t you come out to play in your empty garden” is repeated to add emphasis to the point of wanting him to come back and not understanding or fully accepting that he’s gone.
      3. Imagery: “This little empty garden by the brownstone door/And in the cracks along the sidewalk nothing grows no more” – to paint a picture for the listener of how the world is now without him in it.

  14. Jesus of Suburbia – Green Day

    1. Rhyme: “Sins in hell,” “As far as I can tell.” This helps maintain the rapid rhythm without interrupting the song.

    2. Repetition: “And I don’t care”x5. This creates an opportunity to let the song slip into a new medley with a whole new style, since the “I don’t care” part belongs to neither medleys.

    3. Metaphor: “At the end of another lost highway”. This particular line creates a sense of depression because of the use of the word ‘another’, indicating that there have been more of these events happening to the person.

  15. I knew you were Trouble – Taylor Swift
    1. Repetition is used quite frequently to put the message of what she is trying to say into the audiences head.
    e.g: Without me, without me, without me, And now I see, now I see, now I see, Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble

    2. Rhyme is used effectively to allow the audience to catch on to the song.
    e.g And he’s long gone when he’s next to me
    And I realize the blame is on me

    3. Forgot the Device, but it is 2 lines of a stanza being common and rhyming (cry and why)
    e.g. No apologies, he’ll never see you cry
    Pretend he doesn’t know that he’s the reason why

  16. Lanterns- Birds of Tokyo
    1) Sibilance is used throughout the song to show imagery.
    e.g. We held the light to our faces and relisied we were chasing shadows.

    2) Assonance is used to outline the sadness in what to artist is saying.
    e.g. Lately I’ve found, when I start to think aloud, there’s a longing in the sound.

    3)Repetion is used to emphasise an action and to allow the audience to easily picture the scene in their mind.
    e.g. On we march with a midnight song,
    On we march till we meet the dawn.

  17. Umbrella by Rihanna
    1. Alliteration – helps to focus the reader on a particular section of the poem and helps to make it catchy and easier to remember (e.g. because when the sun shines, we’ll shine together)
    2. Sibilance – helps to set the feel of the poem/song (e.g. you can’t see shiny cars)
    3. Repetition – used to emphasise the lyrics and get the meaning across strongly (e.g. it’s pouring rain, it’s pouring rain, come into me, come into me, it’s pouring rain, it’s pouring rain, come into me, come into me)

  18. The River – Garth Brooks

    “And, I will sail my vessel” – a consonance sound from the words “will”, “sail”, and “vessel”.

    “Choose to chance the rapids/And dare to dance the tide” – alliteration and internal rhyme (“Chance” and “Dance”)

    “You know a dream is like a river – Simile

    “And a dreamer’s just a vessel” – Metaphor

  19. The song is ‘Love Story” by Taylor Swift:
    the poetic devices are:
    1. The whole song is basically a metephore which compares the girl and the boy to Romeo anf Juliet.
    2. The rythym repeats throughout the song.
    3. imagery.

  20. Song: Forever Young (Youth Group)

    ‘Let us die young or let us live forever’ ‘Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst’ ‘Can you imagine when this race is run, turn our golden faces into the sun’ -These phrases are all metaphores and are used throughout the song.

    ‘Forever Young’ is repeated throughout the song in almost every verse.

    ‘I don’t want to perish like a fading horse, Youth is like diamonds in the sun’ -These phrases are imagery.

  21. The Wishmaster by Nightwish
    Heartborne, 7th Seeker
    In me the Wishmaster

    Metaphor-A dreamy-eyed child staring into night
    On a journey to storyteller`s mind
    This might be a metaphor for life and its awe.

    The song uses staccato lyrics to symbolize the fast pace people make decisions in life, and the slow pace to symbolize that people should sometimes slow down and take everything in.!/album/Wishmaster/1091940

  22. Same Love- Macklemore

    Repetition- “I can’t change”- They can’t change that there homosexual it’s who they are.

    Rhyme- “It’s the same hate that’s caused wars from religion, Gender to skin color, the complexion of your pigment”.

    Metaphor-“kids are walking ’round the hallway plagued by pain in their heart”. Their heart doesn’t have a disease, they have an emotional pain in there heart because they are worried of what people will think of them being homosexual.

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